Friday, January 11, 2013

New Proxy Sites - 11-01-2013

New Proxy Sites 

Here is new proxy sites for 11-01-2013

The New Proxy Sites for 2013 - 11-01-2013

New Proxy Sites

Here is New Proxy Sites for the year 2013. You can use these proxy websites to access blocked sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace , Youtube, Metacafe and many other popular sites. These new proxy sites are collected from various sources on the web for you. We cannot guarantee if the sites are working at any given point of time, simply because they are blocked by firewalls from your school, office and ISP providers.
We are providing these sites not in the form of a link, so that it will last longer without getting blocked. Please copy pastes these links in your web browser to see if the proxies are working.

Here these are the following links on which proxy sites are working fine